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Apart from the cosmetic reason people decide and choose different hair restoration methods, is the confidence which a full head of hair can give them.

Botox Treatment in London

Botox Treatment in London

Our Skin is the largest though delicate organ of the body. A wide smile, a frown on the forehead or a hearty laugh can easily cause a wrinkle on the face to appear which means the time has come when you have started ageing. Growing old is the biggest nightmare for both men and women and to make skin look young, healthy and glowing, they often look out  different medical treatments.

With increasing popularity, Botox treatments have become part of the norm for many in London. The treatment is effective in softening the fine lines, creases,and wrinkles. This treatment relaxes the muscles of the face and lightens the wrinkles to give a younger look. Botox injections are inserted mainly on the face which immediately work on the  wrinkles, lines, and dead cells to reduce the dullness and brings an instant glow.

London Hair Transplant Clinic is one of the famous clinics in London providing the treatment with very high success rates. In this treatment, a small amount of Botox is injected into the body. The treatment freezes the specific part of the skin which in turn reduces the lines and gives a better look.

The Packages available at LHCC for Botox Treatment:

  •         Standard Package: This is the basic package which covers the full face. Botox injections treat the forehead, area around the eyes and between the eyebrows. Only original Botox material is used by the doctors that give immediate results.
  •         Advanced Package: This package covers the neck, chin,and lower face. The advanced package is recommended for people with deep lines and severe wrinkles. We also specialise in eyebrow lifting treatment which in turn gives you matching and equidistant brows.

So, if you are worried about ageing, creases, and flatness of the skin, there is no need to take anti-ageing medicines or use creams and ointments, just take a shot of Botox for younger looking skin.



Other treatments

Dermal Fillers London

Dermal Fillers London

Dermal fillers such as Juvederm®, Restylane® and Sculptra® are used as an effective treatment for deep lines and wrinkles.
Facial aging is characterised by thinning of the skin and reduction of its elasticity.

With age advancement there will be a reduction in dermal collagen, Hyaluronic acid elastin which are all important in maintaining skin integrity and elasticity. Moreover factors such as sunlight and smoking accelerate the aging process.


Eyebrow Hair Transplant London

Many surveys conclude by stating that people notice eyes first and then other facial features along with a person’s personality. Beautiful eyes, winged eyeliner, and perfectly shaped eyebrows make a deadly combination and enhance the beauty of a person. An Eyebrow is a small part of the face but has the power to change the whole look of a person. Some people are naturally born with thick, joined and bushy eyebrows.

On the other hand, due to unforeseen circumstances or illnesses such as, accidents, burns, auto-immune diseases, excessive use of drugs, and other facial injuries the shape of the eyebrows can become distorted.

An unattractive eyebrow has the tendency to take self-confidence away and affects the personality of a person.

If you are also suffering from unequal eyebrows, then Eyebrow Hair Transplant Treatment is for you. Instead of going for temporary treatments and long-term home remedies, why not go for a permanent result? There are many Doctors in London who suggest an eyebrow hair transplant treatment for permanent recovery of eyebrows. London Hair Transplant Clinic is one of the best clinics in London that offers this treatment and guarantees good results.

The procedure for Eyebrow Transplantation is effective and simple.

  •         In this procedure, hair is extracted from the donor area which in turn induces the growth of the follicles.
  •          Once the follicles are harvested according to the shape, they are transplanted using local anaesthesia to accommodate the grafts.
  •         The treatment takes approximately 6-8 hours to re-shape the brows and provide a permanent result.

An eyebrow hair treatment is quite a challenging task that is why not every doctor in London or worldwide can perform the surgery. LHCC doctors are experienced and specialise in performing the surgery and provide excellent results. At the clinic, there are different packages available for the treatment depending on the situation. If you are thinking about or planning any treatment, book your free consultation session to discuss the procedure and have any queries answered.

Stage 1

Eyebrow hair transplant stage 1

Stage 2

Eyebrow hair transplant stage 2

Stage 3

Eybrow hair transplant stage 3


Other treatments

Facial Hair Transplants

Facial Hair Transplants

We have years of experience mainly in FUE and our services have been offered to clients from all over UK, Europe and Asia. Join 100s of happy clients whom had their hair restored with us and recommending us to their friends and families.

FUE Hair Transplants

FUE Hair Transplants

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant which was initially described in Japan in 1988, has gained significant popularity among hair restoration experts.

Lip Augmentation in London

Lip Augmentation in London

Our Lips are the most attractive, sensual and youthful part of the face.Young, pink and plumped lips have the power to attract people at first sight. But with increasing age and external factors, lips tend to lose their beautiful shape and colour. Some factors like ageing, excessive smoking and consumption of tobacco, accidents, drug usage and excessive fat in the body affect the lips. Lips become dull, black and thin due to ageing.

Lip Augmentation is an amazing treatment that revives the shape of your lips and regains the plumpness and volume of the lips. In this treatment, dermal fillers are used to proportionate and add a perfect shape to the lips. London Hair Transplant Clinic is one amongst the few clinics that conduct the surgery and provide a perfect shape to the lips. With Lip Augmentation surgery you can easily bring the lips back to its form and plump them up for a nice pout. Many people living in London have experienced Lip Augmentation surgery and loved the results.

The process is quite simple, an injection or filler is injected to the lips which reacts with the blood cells and adds volume to them. Usually, the filler works on the cupid bow, size and defines the border of the lips. The best part of getting the treatment is it gives you a full makeover and comes with no side-effects.

So, if you feel embarrassed due to your thin lips, then it is the right time to get injected and smile with pride.

Minor Surgeries London

Minor Surgeries London

Healthy and shiny hair acts as a crown on the head. They make a person look attractive, confident and fashionable. People go for various Spa Treatments, try different shampoos and conditioners and use essential oils just to strengthen the hair and keep them soft, shiny and healthy. But, there comes a time when hair tends to fall, the volume gets lost and they lose their structure. This is one of the most depressing situations for anyone. But what is the reason behind massive hair Loss? There are many reasons behind Hair Loss like stress, dry scalp, harmful chemicals, dirt, lack of nutrition, excessive colouring and not taking proper care etc.

Many people lose hair in their thirties and run for treatments to prevent this. There are so many treatments available for hair loss, but choosing the right treatment according to the condition is mandatory. London Hair Transplant Clinic offers different hair loss treatments for men and women. Being led by a consultant, the doctors carry out a consultation for the issue, give guidance and devise a proper treatment plan.

If hair loss is irregular and not very often, then the issue can easily be treated by undergoing minor surgery. The doctor suggests Hair Transplantation and Restoration methods when the case is very extreme.

There are many types of minor surgeries performed at the clinic using local anaesthesia:

  •         Surgical Tattoo Removal
  •         Removal of Sebaceous Cyst or Fatty Lumps
  •         Injecting surgical scars
  •         Removing moles and skin lesions
  •         Removal of Skin Tags

In Minor Surgery for Hair loss, the follicles are treated under local anaesthesia where hair growth is encouraged naturally. The main aim is to boost the hair growth using natural ways and give a full head once again. The technique performed is harmless and gives a permanent result. There is No need to cry over losing some strands of hair, get the hint of the pattern of hair loss and go for a minor treatment to stop the process. Take precaution before it gets late with London Hair Transplant Clinic and we can assure you that you will not regret your decision.

Other treatments

PRP Hair Loss Treatment London

PRP Hair Loss Treatment London

It is normal to shed around 50-100 hair per day out of million strands of hair. But, when hair loss becomes significant and regular, then it is time to worry. The process starts with irregular loss which soon turns into a huge amount of Hair Loss and the final stage is Baldness. Hair Loss not only takes hair away but can also affects the confidence and looks of a person which can be very depressing. To help stop the problem of Hair Loss people tend to take medicines, use different types of oils and go for remedies.

With an increasing advancement in Technology, Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is gaining the  attention of many people. This therapy is considered as one of the the most effective and natural ways to stimulate hair growth. PRP Treatment is a simple and non-surgical procedure that gives safe and reliable results.

PRP Treatment Procedure:

  1. A thin needle is injected into the scalp inserting Platelet Rich Plasma that helps in regeneration of blood cells.
  2. In this treatment, the platelet count is increased and the healing factor of the body is augmented.
  3. PRP Therapy is a time-saving procedure. It takes approximately 60 minutes to perform and gives natural and beautiful end results.
  4. There are no side-effects of the treatment; all you need is to get multiple needles injected.
PRP Treatment is a fairly new treatment for Hair Restoration in London. As a consultant-led clinic, London Hair Transplant Clinic is performing the treatment after a full and thorough diagnosis to understand the real situation. This treatment is a trouble-free procedure and takes minimum time to show results. It helps to heal your body naturally by regenerating the blood cells which stimulates hair growth. Take the treatment and stop Hair Loss and Baldness today for a better and beautiful future.


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