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Minor Surgeries London

Why go for surgeries when you can treat the problem with Local Anesthesia? At London Hair Transplant Clinic, small issues are taken care of by performing Minor Surgery. Control the hair loss and change the pattern by getting operated using a Local Anesthesia.

Minor Surgeries London

Healthy and shiny hair acts as a crown on the head. They make a person look attractive, confident and fashionable. People go for various Spa Treatments, try different shampoos and conditioners and use essential oils just to strengthen the hair and keep them soft, shiny and healthy. But, there comes a time when hair tends to fall, the volume gets lost and they lose their structure. This is one of the most depressing situations for anyone. But what is the reason behind massive hair Loss? There are many reasons behind Hair Loss like stress, dry scalp, harmful chemicals, dirt, lack of nutrition, excessive colouring and not taking proper care etc.

Many people lose hair in their thirties and run for treatments to prevent this. There are so many treatments available for hair loss, but choosing the right treatment according to the condition is mandatory. London Hair Transplant Clinic offers different hair loss treatments for men and women. Being led by a consultant, the doctors carry out a consultation for the issue, give guidance and devise a proper treatment plan.

If hair loss is irregular and not very often, then the issue can easily be treated by undergoing a minor surgery. The doctor suggests Hair Transplantation and Restoration methods when the case is very extreme.

There are many types of minor surgeries performed at the clinic using local anaesthesia:

  •         Surgical Tattoo Removal
  •         Removal of Sebaceous Cyst or Fatty Lumps
  •         Injecting surgical scars
  •         Removing moles and skin lesions
  •         Removal of Skin Tags

In Minor Surgery for Hair loss, the follicles are treated under local anaesthesia where hair growth is encouraged naturally. The main aim is to boost the hair growth using natural ways and give a full head once again. The technique performed is harmless and gives a permanent result. There is no need to cry over losing some strands of hair, get the hint of the pattern of hair loss and go for a minor treatment to stop the process. Take precaution before it gets late with London Hair Transplant Clinic and we can assure you that you will not regret your decision.

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