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Minor Surgeries

Why go for surgeries when you can treat the problem with Local Anesthesia? At London Hair Transplant Clinic, small issues are taken care of by performing Minor Surgery. Control the hair loss and change the pattern by getting operated using a Local Anesthesia.

Minor Surgeries For Hair Loss London

At London Hair and Cosmetic Clinic We perform a wide range of minor surgeries under local anaesthesia.

  • Lumps removal
  • Skin lesions such as moles and benign skin conditions
  • #Skin tag removal
  • Surgical removal of tattoos
  • Superficial lesions all over the body


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Who We Are?

London Hair Transplant Clinic is a comprehensive clinic for hair transplant and various cosmetic treatments within London.


Where to find us?

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t:   +44(0)203 411 3112
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