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Wrinkle Treatment

Reverse the process of ageing with the most effective and minimally invasive Botox Treatment in London. No bruises, no scars and mo risk as all. The results will be visible in just three days.

WrinkleTreatment in London

As you age, your skin loses its grace. The process is so natural that you can’t deny or escape. The poor lifestyle and deteriorating environment trigger it and your skin starts losing its shape and glow.

Ageing is no less than a nightmare for both men and women. The appearance of frowns on the forehead, widening smile and crow’s feet are no less than a scary dream. No one wants to lose their beauty and youth. As soon as the wrinkles start appearing, the search for an appropriate treatment fastens up.

Their search ends at Wrinkle . The incredible procedure has become mainstream in the past few decades and effectively softens the fine lines and creases.

Benefits of taking Wrinkle treatment in London

The chemical is injected into the muscles of our facial muscles. It benefits our skin and appearance in numerous ways:

  • The non-surgical procedure is an opportunity to experience flawless complexion. It helps you get rid of wrinkles on the forehead, neck and around the mouth. Dropping or lowering your brow with the passing age is quite common. This cosmetic treatment lifts your brows giving you a youthful experience.
  • Wrinkle is an excellent solution to decrease excessive sweating and reducing migraines.

This minimally-invasive remedy is an excellent solution to decrease excessive sweating and reducing migraines.

Why choose us?

London Hair Transplant Clinic is one of the leading Wrinkle Treatment providers in the city. We are a team of highly qualified doctors that makes this cosmetic procedure comfortable and convenient for you.

  • Patient safety is our greatest priority.
  • We are committed to taking care of our patients considering their dignity, humanity, equality, and compassion.
  • We are professional practitioners accountable to your health, before and after taking our services.
  • Our services provide you with natural results. Your skin appears as beautiful as it was.

 How does it work?

The treatment has gained much popularity due to its effective results. A small amount of the chemical is injected into the facial muscles to prevent ageing. It freezes that particular part of the skin and reduces the fine lines and makes you look younger.  

The packages we offer

We offer two kinds of treatments:

  • Standard Treatment: This basic package covers the full face. The chemical is used to treat the forehead, area around the eyes and between the eyebrows. The original chemical produces immediate results.
  • Advanced package: Along with the face, this package covers the neck, chin, and lower face as well. The package is recommended for people who have severe wrinkles and deep lines.

LHTC also provides special services for eyebrow lifting and equalizing the distance between both your brows.

Do not fall prey to any cream, lotion or invasive treatment. There is no need of taking any medicines either. A single shot is sufficient to make you look younger and beautiful.


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