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Stop ageing physically just by getting injected. LHTC offers Botox Treatment in London to remove wrinkles, lines and scars and bring back younger and beautiful you. The treatment softens the lines, removes frown and gives you a better look. Don’t worry about frowns and wrinkles, take the treatment and stay beautiful.

Botox Treatment

Our Skin is the largest though delicate organ of the body. A wide smile, a frown on the forehead or a hearty laugh can easily cause a wrinkle on the face to appear which means the time has come when you have started ageing. Growing old is the biggest nightmare for both men and women and to make skin look young, healthy and glowing, they often look out  different medical treatments.

With the increasing popularity of Botox Treatment in London, it has become a part of the mainstream. The treatment is effective in softening the fine lines, creases,and wrinkles. This treatment relaxes the muscles of the face and lightens the wrinkles to give a younger look. Botox injections are inserted mainly on the face which immediately work on the  wrinkles, lines, and dead cells to reduce the dullness and brings an instant glow.

London Hair Transplant Clinic is one of the famous clinics in London providing the treatment with very high success rates. In this treatment, a small amount of Botox is injected into the body. The treatment freezes the specific part of the skin which in turn reduces the lines and gives a better look.

The Packages available at LHTC for Botox Treatment:

  •         Standard Package: This is the basic package which covers the full face. Botox injections treat the forehead, area around the eyes and between the eyebrows. Only original Botox material is used by the doctors that give immediate results.
  •         Advanced Package: This package covers the neck, chin,and lower face. The advanced package is recommended for people with deep lines and severe wrinkles. We also specialise in eyebrow lifting treatment which in turn gives you matching and equidistant brows.

So, if you are worried about ageing, creases, and flatness of the skin, there is no need to take anti-ageing medicines or use creams and ointments, just take a shot of Botox for younger looking skin.



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